What We Do

We are leveraging partnerships and synergies across our wide network of change makers and global leaders to change the African story for the better through 5 focus areas:

Capital & Intra Africa Trade

By being the bridge linking capital looking for investment and investment looking for capital, we are helping African governments and businesses to secure needed capital for development.


By being the conduit for capital into and across Africa for development, we leverage our access to markets and funding partners to help African governments and businesses to embark on developmental projects and to scale up respectively.

Uncommon Knowledge

With uncommon knowledge not often taught in formal educational institutions, we are helping to shape business leaders with current, relevant knowledge to help them thrive in today’s evolving business world. Together with our content partners worldwide, we are helping to change Africa’s narrative, and telling a new African story.


By leveraging problem solving and development focused technology from around the world, we are enhancing the productive capacity and operational efficiency of African businesses and governments. Through Digital Transformation, Digital Financial Services and Technology Solutions, we are changing the African innovation narrative, together with our technology solution providers.

Productivity Enhancement & Business Acceleration

For Africa’s teeming businesses and SME’s, our focus is on being the conduit for business acceleration, helping these entities to move to the next level of success rapidly, improving lives in the process. We connect new and current business ideas to funding and growth opportunities, and help to properly structure, mentor and position these businesses for greatness.