Technology is no doubt a major enabler of development, and this has been proven in many developing and developed economies around the world. We are passionate about solving Africa’s challenges leveraging technology. Starting from Sub-Saharan Africa, we provide digital financial services and technology transformation solutions to key sectors within our focus areas, by being the bridge between technology looking for development-related problems and vice versa.  Our technology company Digits and Data powers our innovation vision through strategic partnerships with technology powerhouses from around the world. The aim is to be the conduit for technology into and across Africa for development while harnessing the next technology unicorns within the region in the following areas:

Digital Transformation
Digital Financial Services
Technology Solutions.

Our Digital Financial Services and core Technology Solutions business is delivered through our subsidiary Oakwood Advansio Limited

Our vision to solve Africa’s problems leveraging technology is ambitious and timeless, and we know we cannot achieve it all alone. That is why we believe in partnering the best technology innovators around the world to deliver the best solutions to accelerate Africa’s growth. From core digital solutions to mechanical technology, we unite our core strengths and reach with the solution prowess of our partners to serve relevant innovations to Africa’s teeming populace.

Interested in working with Digits and Data?

If you have a technology solution tailor-made for emerging markets like Africa’s, or if you’re looking to deploy latest technologies for your business, we’d love to hear from you:

If you are an African technology innovator looking for access to markets, talk to us. We provide access to African markets and entry strategies to help you deploy your solutions quicker and more efficiently.

For you who is looking to increase operational efficiency of your company through digitization, do get in touch. Let’s transform Africa together.

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