About Us

Our children may learn about heroes of the past. Our task is to make ourselves architects of the future.

We are Oakwood Green Africa, a growing Pan-African institution fueled by a passion to enable greatness across Africa. With strategic investments in key focus areas, we are helping to change the African narrative by leveraging partnerships and synergies across our wide network of change makers and global leaders.

Where many see an Africa underdeveloped and crawling, we see a beautiful continent blessed with the potential to be a unicorn in development in the world, creating opportunities for many generations to thrive. Where others join the chorus of complaints and blaming, we chose to be the solution, leveraging our strengths and that of others to deliver the kind of change we wish to have for our continent and our people. In line with this vision, Oakwood Green Africa was birthed, with the broad vision of enabling greatness across Africa by moving resources from areas of surplus across Africa to areas of deficit.

How are we doing this?

Doing our part as architects of the new Africa calls for a different way of thinking, and creatively innovating to achieve the Africa we desire.

Our focus areas are therefore carefully chosen to reflect key areas of development in Africa, and consistent with UN sustainable development goals 1,4,5, 8, 9 and 17

Young serious agroengineer of African ethnicity holding wooden box with green spinach seedlings while working inside large vertical farm
Black woman enjoying virtual reality shopping experience while sitting by window at home, african american female wearing VR helmet touching air with finger, testing modern hi-tech future gadget

Our Team

Gabriel Edgal


Cynthia Beleyel Eryuo

Director Origination, Oakwood Green Advisory

Anazodo Nwakanma

Managing Director,
Oakwood Green Advisory

 Laurence Okonne

Laurence Okonne

Group Director, Global Markets

Laurence Okonne

Group Director,

 Global Markets

Catherine Yamoah-Alloh

Group General Counsel & Director, Corporate Services

Fred Asante Awuku

Group Head, Risk Management

Kingsley Ulinfun

Group Chief Executive, Enterprise Risk Management

Priscilla Opuni-Biney

Group Head, Human Resources

Vincent Afudego

Managing Director, Oakwood Advansio

Deji Oguntonade

Managing Director,

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