Social responsbility

Our vision to enable greatness across Africa involves more than investments in our core areas. It also calls for support for the needy, and giving back to society in our own small way. Our Social Responsibility initiatives are in 3 key areas: Support for the Needy, Health Support and Education Support

Support for the needy

Our support for the needy initiatives have been immensely beneficial to over 500 children annually, through partnerships with a number of orphanages in many parts of Ghana. We support these children with funding for their upkeep, clothing and other necessities to help improve their quality of life.

For the past 7 years, we have consistently provided support and relief items to many rehabilitation institutions who have responsibility for the disabled and underprovledged in Ghana. Our annual relief program for these ones has been of immense support, and we are committed to doing more to keep supporting these people.

In the height of the Covid 19 pandemic, we supported over 3,000 families within the Accra metropolis with food and relief items during the lockdown period. This was done in partnership with the Accra Metropolitan Assembly and the Klottey Korley Municipal Authority.


Our vision in this area is to support quality and affordable health care delivery starting with our countries of operation. In the past, we have supported patients within selected hospitals to settle their medical bills while donating crucial equipment to help deliver better health services. We are currently working on a long term mobile health deliver project to bring quality and affordable health delivery to as many people as possible


We offer partial and full scholarships to needy but brilliant students within our countries of operation, working with schools at all levels to provide the necessary funding needed to support these students.

Support for the Needy: SME and orphanage support

Covid 19 Relief Programme